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A Degree Based on Ministry Experience:

We believe that there are many deserving ministers out there that could truly benefit from this program and these degrees. Also it is a means of opening doors for your ministry that may not be open otherwise and this is something to consider in spreading the gospel to all that you can reach. Therefore our degrees will not be given out to just anyone who may apply, but to only those who truly qualify and are seeking to serve the Lord to the fullest. It is not based on offering amount, but on life experience and prior credits in the ministry, mission field and all other forms of Christian Ministry.

Even though we ourselves are a college, as a pastor myself I personally believe that nothing can take the place of years behind the pulpit or the mission field and active ministry when it comes to education in obtaining the anointing and knowledge of the Word of God that is needed. But sometimes due to your busy schedule it is not possible to go back to college for your remaining credits, even though you are qualified. Doing the actual work often teaches more than books ever could and gives experience that you would not obtain through general study and this is another reason why we at Crossroads Christian College and Theological Seminary have decided to start this program.

The degree applied for should suit your experience, as only you and God truly know but after receiving your information we will then review your qualifications and experience and inform you if you are eligible for the degree applied for.

If for some reason you do not qualify, or you have applied for the wrong reasons, all fees will be returned, minus the $25.00 application fee.

We take this program very seriously and I hope you do as well because there many pastors and ministers out there that have truly benefited and been blessed by this program. The possibilities are endless with the proper education and degree. Crossroads Christian College would like to help you enhance your ministry with this program because there are so many secular organizations taking advantage of such ministries and pastors. This is why we have made our fees affordable. So let us be a part of your ministry dream in helping spread the gospel of Jesus Christ where ever you or your ministry may reach.

If you would like more information on this program or any other program Crossroads Christian Bible College has please feel free to contact us for more information at

Types of Degrees: Theology, Divinity, Religious Study, Biblical Studies, Ministry, Christian Counseling and Christian Education are all possible with the required time and experience.

Bachelors of Arts, Theology Degree: $1000.00
Bachelors of Arts, Ministry Degree: $1000.00
Bachelors of Arts, Religious Studies $1000.00
Bachelors of Arts, Christian Counseling $1000.00

Masters of Arts Theology Degree: $1500.00
Masters of Arts Ministry Degree: $1500.00
Masters of Arts Religious Studies Degree: $1500.00
Masters of Arts Christian Counseling Degree: $1500.00
Masters of Arts Divinity Degree: $1800.00
Doctorate of Arts in Theology Degree $2000.00
Doctorate of Arts in Ministry Degree $2000.00
Doctorate of Arts in Religious Studies Degree $2000.00

Doctorate of Arts in Divinity Degree: $2500.00

Doctor of Arts Philosophy- PhD


Religion $3000.00

Biblical Studies $3000.00

If you decide to obtain more than one Degree in this program then there will be a $200.00 Credit.

Couples Discount Offered.

Cost for Transcript in addition to your degree is $100.00

A non-refundable Application Fee of $25.00 must be enclosed with all applications and transcripts/resumes. No exceptions please

  Information packets are available in PDF Format or Word Doc. Also you may contact us by email or telephone at:

940 337 2940 OR 877 525 7179
8:30 am - 4:00 pm cst M-F  

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