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Become an Ordained Minister

For those of you who have a call on your life to minister to others and feel you have worked or obtained the knowledge you need to become ordained, Crossroads Christian Bible College has several options based on your level of experience.

Being ordained into the Christian ministry opens many doors for many different types of ministries. It allows you to have the recognition you deserve while working in the field where God has called you to be whether it be in the field of Chaplaincy, Missions, and Evangelism or as a Pastor.

Pastors and Ministers

If you wish to take any of the following programs to earn college credits you may do so by paying the package fee along with the credit hour fees for each course. Courses in these programs are generally (3) credits unless otherwise listed. You can see our tuition and credit hour rates in our Order Center.

If you are already Pastoring a Church or working in the field of Ministry but have not received your Ordination, you may wish to take our Ordination test. The cost of the test is $100.00 with a yearly renewal fee of $40.00. This fee must be paid in order to maintain your Ordination or License and remain in good standing. It is an important part of the support of this and other ministries.

It consists of 100 questions pertaining to scripture and situations that you may run into while working in your Church, Counseling or Ministering. There is a section of True and False questions, a section with multiple choice questions and a section where we ask that you answer in your own words, using scripture references. There is no time frame in which to complete the test and if for some reason you do not pass the first time you may repeat the test for a small retest fee of $25.00.

If you do not wish to have a yearly renewal fee once you have received your ordination, there is a Lifetime option for $350.00 without renewal fees where we ask that you keep in touch with us in order to give us updates as to your ministry workings. Crossroads also offers Church Fellowship for new Ministries who need advice or just have questions along the way and wish to have a solid Biblical covering over their Ministry.

More Training Available

For those who are just starting out in the ministry or wish to brush up on their knowledge of the Word of God before they receive their Ordination Crossroads offers Ordination courses that can be ordered in a package or individually. Package I includes seven courses and Package II includes seven courses, the License Test, and the Ordination test. Package III includes the seven courses and Ordination test only. All packages are discounted from the cost of purchasing individually and these courses come in PDF format or Word Doc for your convenience of working directly online.

What is the Difference between Licensing and Ordination?

Certificate of License - The License is generally used to denote someone who is legally a ministry of the gospel but is not yet ordained. Although in many cases it can vary from denomination to denomination it is generally a prerequisite to ordination for those who are still in training. In many cases a Licensed minister is someone who works under a Senior Pastor or mentor for several years prior to their ordination. In some States both a License and proof of Ordination are required but not all.

Certificate of Ordination - gives the full privilege to the minister to include conducting weddings, baptisms, funerals, and communion. The Ordination License is given to those who have proven experience and gifting for Christian Service. It is not just a document, but is a certificate that embraces the call that God has on one's life.

Will my Certificate of License/Ordination/ be accepted as Legal?

YES ... in most countries around the world and in all 50 United States. Our Certificates of License are widely accepted. We operate in many countries through our Licensed Ministers, Schools, and Bible Colleges.

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Courses for Ordination

Old Testament I
New Testament I
Teachings of Jesus
Christian Ethics
The Word I
The Word II
Soul Winning
Spiritual Warfare

Upon Completion of these courses you will be required to take our Ordination test.

Package I

8 Courses Total $480.00
Administration Fee $150.00
Total $630.00

Package II

8 Courses $480.00
Ordination Test $100.00
License Test $65.00
Administration Fee $150.00
Total $795.00

Package III

8 Courses $480.00
Ordination Test $100.00
Administration Fee $150.00
Total $730.00

Please note when ordering booklets that shipping and or handling fees will be applied to the individual course rate. Discounts listed above apply to total package purchases only.

Method of Payment- Paypal is the quickest method for ordering but if you wish to send in your order by US mail please send a Postal Money order or Cashier's Check. Any other type of check will be returned.

Please make checks payable to: Dr Debra Schmidt and place- Crossroads Theological Seminary, on the Memo Line.

Certificate of Title and Ministry ID Cards

If you are interested in a Certificate of Title stating your chosen title in the Ministry, this is also available for those who pass these courses or take this test for an offering of $35.00. You may also purchase your Ministry ID card for $25.00.

For more information on this test please contact the administration office at; or you may call 940 337 2940 or 1 877 525 7179

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